International Matchmaking Service by Japanese Matchmaker Find your perfect woman in World Beauty USA

International Matchmaking Service by Japanese Matchmaker Find your perfect woman in World Beauty USA

We are the international matchmaker, "World Beauty USA," designed to find your world-class beauty.
From around the world, we select a beautiful woman for you, such as from Japan and Russia, and provide full support for your successful marriage.
With all the knowledge we gained in Japan, we are now in the US helping you find your future happiness with a perfect partner.


First name only Inessa
Date of birth 28.03.82
City and country of your residence City Odessa
Country Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian
Do you have a passport?
If yes, which country issued it?
Ukrainian passport
Work Travel agent, teacher
Education completed university
Foreign languages and Fluency English- fluent
Italian- fluent
Russian- native
Height 171 cm
Weight 57 kg
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond
Blood type
Religion Christian (Orthodox)
Marital status Never married
Child(ren) No
Tell us about your personality, interests, and hobbies. I have a unique ability to rejoice in life's pleasures and radiate joy! I am a very energetic, well-wishing, loving and devoted lady. I have a sweet-temper and positive thinking.
My man will never get bored with me because I am very active and have many interesting hobbies, such as: travelling, camping, swimming, rafting and diving; and also cooking, reading, visiting rock concerts and museums.
How would your family and friends describe you? Energetic, sociable, wise
Age range of a husband
*If you write the WIDER range, you will have more chance to get proposal from your potential husband
Most preferred age of a husband
Tell us the reason you would like to marry a man from another country?
Where would you like to first meet your future husband? In my country – I would like him to visit me after enough contacts.
Are you interested in a man from: No preference
Preferred location of living No preference
Tell us about your family. Mother - musician

Tell me the following characteristics of a husband you value.

His height No preference
His weight No preference
His appearance No preference
His income No preference
His personality I value a strong character and reliability in a man first of all. Honesty, kindness, intelligence, patience, joyfulness are also important qualities for me.
It does not matter how old and handsome he is. The main thing is his ability to love and accept my love and care in return.