Bridal Alliance and World Beauty USA

bridal alliance

Mr. Yamaguchi, the chairman of World Beauty USA, is the president of Bridal Alliance in Japan. He works as a bridge between Japanese men and Russian brides and many happy couples were born through his marriage agency.

The following video is about Bridal Alliance. They talk about their activities with guest speakers. You see the World Beauty USA chairman, Yamaguchi at 32:30 talking about the international marriage in Japan. At 38:00 you also see a part of the WBU documentary show broadcast on the Japanese television. It is about a 66-year-old professor who married a 35-year-old Russian lady 7 years ago. They have a happy life with two children. The 31-year age gap is not a big deal for the wife because the husband has big heart. She cooks Japanese dish for him everyday.

This couple have just one of the happy married couples we have helped.

You may be the next one who would be in this show.

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World Beauty USAの会長である山口は、日本のブライダルアライアンスの理事長でもあります。彼は、日本人男性とロシア人女性の結婚を手助けし、多くのカップルが誕生しました。近年の日本の男女は国際結婚を望んでくるようになり、その懸け橋をブライダルアライアンスの理事長が開始しました。





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