International Matchmaking Service by Japanese Matchmaker Find your perfect woman in World Beauty USA

International Matchmaking Service by Japanese Matchmaker Find your perfect woman in World Beauty USA

We are the international matchmaker, "World Beauty USA," designed to find your world-class beauty.
From around the world, we select a beautiful woman for you, such as from Japan and Russia, and provide full support for your successful marriage.
With all the knowledge we gained in Japan, we are now in the US helping you find your future happiness with a perfect partner.

Attitude towards women

Russian lady

In general, there are three types of women.

A) Extremely beautiful women like fashion models・・・The more beautiful the woman, the more demanding and difficult she may be to deal with.
Some women tend to be spoiled because of their beauty and you have to be aware of that. If you desire a beautiful woman for your partner, you must be well prepared. There are many beautiful women with warm hearts in Russia and Ukraine, especially in the countryside.
Beautiful roses come with thorns. It is true worldwide.

B) Pretty women with nice personalities

C) Pleasant looking women with great personalities

If you are looking for a life-long partner, B) and C) are the better choices.
Some men care a great deal about women’s appearance and desire very beautiful women, but relationships won’t be easy for the above reasons if you are not strong enough to deal with it. Japanese ladies tend to be gentle, modest and diligent. These types of women will offer greater chances for a long lasting marriage.

About Fees

Please review appendix 1 in the contract. There are clear instructions with each step.
Please submit your profile, then follow up with a call.

Introduction of ladies

Russian lady

Our staffs in various locations meet with women and learn all about them so that we can proudly introduce them to you. However, it is not a perfect way to find out whether that person is right for you. The best way is to live together for a short period of time, and that’s why we ask you to do that in order for you to make the best decision. It is also important to think about what kind of women can get along with you. Regarding your desired woman, please tell us as many details as possible.

If you wish to meet a woman in category A), that is your decision. In the past, we were not able to assess A) women’s personalities simply by interviewing them and that generated complaints from some customers.

Through those numerous experiences, we learned how to examine women at the interview stage and discard women not worth introducing to you. Our experienced and skilled professionals observe women carefully, sometimes invite them to dinner or coffee to know them better, or even visit their homes to meet their families.

We have diligent and hard-working employees and provide cultural education to women for them to prepare for their new life abroad. We are proud of this service, as it separates us from other marriage agencies.

We are the professional matchmaking group striving to find the absolutely best partner for you.