International Matchmaking Service by Japanese Matchmaker Find your perfect woman in World Beauty USA

International Matchmaking Service by Japanese Matchmaker Find your perfect woman in World Beauty USA

We are the international matchmaker, "World Beauty USA," designed to find your world-class beauty.
From around the world, we select a beautiful woman for you, such as from Japan and Russia, and provide full support for your successful marriage.
With all the knowledge we gained in Japan, we are now in the US helping you find your future happiness with a perfect partner.


Application and interview

russian lady

Please complete the application form and submit it. Soon after, you will be contacted either by phone or email. We'll then schedule your interview.

We prefer to meet you in New York City. If this is not convenient, we'll set up an interview on Skype.
The reason for an interview is to be able to better identify your strong points in person rather than just on paper or by phone. It helps us to understand more about you and the kind of woman that will best match you.

The most important feature in a marriage service is to build trust between us. We believe we can understand each other much better by talking face to face. It is very important for us to get to know you well in order to guide you towards a happy marriage. We have learned this from our numerous experiences in Japan.

Even though you may not feel fully confident with women, we will maximize your strong points - your unique personality or your financial capability, for example - and do our best to find a woman who matches you.

Please fill out the application form and tell us as much about you as you can. We look forward to knowing about you.

Steps following your application

For those who have an interview in NYC:
If you agree with our service, please sign up a contract and pay the membership fee by check at the meeting.

For those who have a Skype interview:
We will email you the contract. Please read it carefully and pay the membership fee by credit card or through PayPal.

When you become a World Beauty USA member, we will begin the search for your desired woman with our staff.

Please give us a few days to complete this search.

We will send you information about one or two selected women at a time.

If you find your desired woman, we will send your information to her.

If you like her and she also likes you, you will initiate the email conversation.This way, both of you will begin to get to know one another. However, you are not allowed to contact her via Skype because Skype doesn't show a clear image; otherwise, you and she may not present an attractive image to each other and could give one or both of you the wrong impression.

If you like each other on email, you will like her even more when you meet her.

You will email each other once or twice a week for up to two months. Then you will prepare for a meeting either in her country or your country if both of you agree. Please do not spend more than three months exchanging emails otherwise, she may lose her interest in you.

In most cases, women from Japan or Ukraine prefer to have the first meeting with you in their her country. If you agree, please visit her in her country and spend time together for around approximately one week. If both of you like each other, please invite her to your country.

In case you are busy and aren’t able to visit her, or in case the lady agrees to visit your country instead then you may invite her to your country.She must apply for her visa at the appropriate embassy in her country.It is your responsibility to prepare all the invitation documents required for her visa application.

The invitation documents must be sent directly from you to our local staff. At this point,you must make a payment by check to World Beauty USA, Inc. .
After we confirm your payment, we will allow our staff to process the visa application. As soon as she gets receives her visa, we will buy her flight ticket.She is then free to travel to your country.

She will stay in your house for 12 to 30 days.You will both get to know each other more intimately. If both of you decide to marry, you are free to do so.We are there to provide advice and support during her stay.

Normally, the woman stays with you for up to 12 days, since working women usually she cannot take a longer holiday.Therefore, her flight ticket will be a 12-day round-trip ticket.In case your relationship does not go well, you can end the relationship after her 12 day stay has finished. If both wish to be together more than 12 days to further explore the possibility of marriage, you are responsible for changing her flight and all the expenses connected with it.

You are responsible to for providing her a safe stay until you see her off at the gate in the airport.We are not responsible for any unforeseen accidents or problems that occur during her stay up until her departure to and from your country.
You are not allowed to have sexual intercourse with her during her stay, as she can become pregnant, which may cause big problems later on. Please understand and keep this foremost in your mind, as this is our firm policy.